First update on the 2017 forum

Update on the 2017 forum

As previously advised, the theme for this year’s forum is ‘Building a layout’. As we have been organising the program it has become clear that all aspects of layout construction can’t be covered in one year. It’s therefore likely that this will be the first of a number of conventions that follow this theme.

Building a layout starts with research, planning and design, however we are mindful that many forum attendees will already have layouts. While the program for the 2017 forum will cover the basics, including aspects of planning and layout construction, it will also include activities relevant to those who already have layouts.

The forum will follow a similar format to previous years, being a mix of talks and demonstrations with plenty of opportunity to pick the brains of other modellers. Again, the contribution of an item to the modelling display is a mandatory condition of attendance. The model display has always been a basis for modellers to share their work and ideas with other attendees.

Over the next few weeks we will progressively release details of the talks, demonstrations, layouts and traders and other activities at this year’s event.

TALK: Infrastructure for an era – Stephen Ottaway

The first talk will cover how railway infrastructure evolved over time and the advantage of having stations, goods sheds, stockyards, cranes, loading banks and other infrastructure consistent with the era in which the railway was built. This consistency is the basis for a realistic and authentic layout.

DEMONSTRATION: Track construction ballasting and weathering – Ian Millard

Ian will be demonstrating the use of splined roadbed and laying track using Central Valley Ties (sleepers). Central Valley Ties are relatively new and offer significant advantages over traditional flex track. He will also demonstrate how he ballasts and weathers the track.

DEMONSTRATION: Drones as a modelling tool – Ian Phemister

Ian will have two drones on display and can discuss their operation and the possibilities they offer for researching the prototype be that a location or rollingstock.

LAYOUT: Ebor – Stephen & Andrew Ottaway

Consistent with the theme of building a layout Stephen and Andrew will debut EBOR, an exhibition layout which is currently under construction. The layout is based on a fictional station on the proposed line from Guyra to Dorrigo. It is built on plywood baseboards and roadbed which incorporate some innovative design features. Hand laid track and points (including operating catchpoints) have been used while the landforms and scenery are still under construction. The intent is to show attendees how the layout is constructed prior to completing it for the 2019 forum.

TRADER: Kieran Ryan Models

TRADER: Mechanical Branch

More information will follow soon. Feel free to share this with others you think may be interested.


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