More information on the 2017 forum

Following on from the first posting about what will be happening at the 2017 forum, here is some more information about what’s on; the registration form shall be released in the next couple of days followed by the third and final release of whats on.


TALK:  Storage and staging of trains – James Dalton

Trains move passengers and freight from one place to another.  A layout represents just part of that journey with trains having to enter and leave the scene.  An important aspect of layout planning is deciding how this is best done.  James will discuss the various options available for storing and staging trains along with their pros and cons.

DEMONSTRATION:  Modelling the terrain and landforms – Andrew Campbell

Andrew will show how realistic landforms can be carved from extruded foam sheets.  He will also show how to apply a basic ground cover to the foam in readiness for more detailed scenery.

DEMONSTRATION:  Detailing scenery – Geoff Burns

Geoff will use his layout ‘Splitters Swamp Creek’ as a stage to explain his scenery techniques and also how he has used LEDs mounted on a light weight pelmet to illuminate the scene.

DEMONSTRATION:  Researching the prototype – Bill Phippen representing the ARHS Railway Resource Centre will be able to access the ARHS photo archive and intranet on the day.  He’ll describe what information is available from the resource centre and how to get it.

LAYOUT:  Splitters Swamp Creek – Geoff Burns

‘Splitters Swamp Creek’ is an exhibition layout of a fictional NSW branchline.  Those who have seen the layout at exhibitions in and around Brisbane and northern NSW have seen the level of detail progressively increase over time.  This is an opportunity for Sydneysiders to see this fine layout.

LAYOUT:  Peak Hill – Kieran Ryan

Keiran will have two modules of ‘Peak Hill’ at the forum.  These modules will feature a grain shed and a bulk depot.  In addition showing how he built the modules, Keiran will also explain how he adapted the track plan so he could fit in these large structures.

TRADER:  AndIan Models

TRADER: Ray Pilgrim’s Signal Branch

TRADER: ARHS Bookshop – A limited supply of relevant books will be available.

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