Update 3

Here is the 3rd and final posting for whats on at this years forum.


Prof Klyzlr – Layout Sound 101

Sound is the next frontier when it comes to adding realism to a layout.  Prof will describe how sound can be incorporated into a layout; from the best sound sources for layouts, to suggestions for locating speakers, through to creating customised sound files.

Panel Discussion

An opportunity to discuss the merits of the various baseboard modules on display.  Builders of the different modules will provide a brief summary of the reasons behind, and what they see are the advantages of, the method they used to construct the baseboards of their layout or module(s). This will be followed by questions from the audience to allow participants to decide what suits them best.


Darren Lee and Brendan Canning – Module construction:  Darren and Brendan will be demonstrating different methods of module construction.


Ian Phemister – Ian will have his latest, partially completed layout at the forum.  It is based on the North Coast of NSW at the time the main line was being converted to CTC signalling.

Prof Klyzlr – Prof will be bringing his latest logging layout ‘Wood’n DAYS’.  Built for the recent Narrow Gauge Convention in Geelong, it is unusual in that the trains run on wooden rails.  This layout is fitted with sound and it will be used to demonstrate how sound can be incorporated into a layout.  It also features a baseboard constructed from light weight foamcore in an aluminium frame.



Stephen Johnson Models

Other Attractions:

The model display is guaranteed to provide something of interest or inspiration to every attendee.  All participants must contribute to this display.

For those who didn’t attend the 2015 forum or those who want to hear them again, a video of the talks from the 2015 forum will be played in auditorium when it is not being used for other activities.

Lucky door prizes – Rather than paying for their space, commercials are required to contribute some of their products to a pool of lucky door prizes.  First attendee drawn out of the hat gets first pick of the pool.

On Saturday night there will be a dinner followed by a trivia quiz prepared by quizmaster Ian Black.  There will be prizes for the individuals at the winning table.

A tour of the Dorrigo Steam Railway and Museum has been organised on Sunday afternoon for those interested.  This will provide an opportunity to see parts of the collection that were unable to be covered in the time available in 2015.

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